Sunday, October 14, 2012

Keeping Up

We spent the weekend camping with friends and I wasn't successful in figuring out how to post to blogger ahead of time, so I let it go and figured I'd catch up tonight.
{idolizing the big kids at the other end of the table}
I love our friends....but especially their kids.  I have never seen them treat Aubrey differently.  It is one of those blessings, that sometimes goes unsaid and forgotten, but INCLUSION is so important to all kids, and I love seeing that girl smile when they include her in the games and the fun.

She spent the weekend chasing after the kids and we just sat back and watched.  If they ran off to the playground, she was running right behind her.  If they were off to the fire pit, she was too.  We were sitting at the picnic tables and I lost track of her.  A friend caught me looking for her and he told me she was following the kids.  "There was a trail of them.  I watched the big kids come in a pack and then a bit behind the rest of the kids...and then your Aubrey a bit behind them.  She was just running her heart out to catch up!"

This girl never gave up.  All weekend long, she just kept going.  I never saw her sad or give up because the kids were so far ahead or more successful.  She just kept at it.  So proud of her.
{successfully riding her scooter}
I have discovered that friends can be the best teachers.  She has found so much success in watching them and then trying herself.  And seeing her learn and blossom with out our constant help is wonderful.
{stole the car keys for the first time this weekend}
But sometimes she takes it too far and all that "watching" and "I think I can do that too" gets her into trouble!  She was SOOOO bummed when she realized her feet wouldn't reach:)
Remember that intense love?  Her friend Lucy has that kinda love for people too:)  And watching her make friends and play is neat.  Because it occurred to me this weekend that they don't need spoken language to be kids and have fun.  They just need compassion and patience and understanding.  And even though Aubrey can't always SAY what she wants, they understand her just fine.  And THAT is friendship!
And that intense love for people...
Just so happens...
That dogs get to be on the receiving end sometimes too:)
Thank you Ranger for being such a great companion this weekend.  We'll dog sit for you anytime:)


  1. Ranger is happy to volunteer for all extra loving!

  2. I'm so sad we didn't get to go camping, well except for that big thunderstorm part. :)


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