Monday, October 8, 2012

Sign Language: Part 1 - Doctors

This week is all about language.  Aubrey is 4 years old and her primary means of communication is sign language. 
{signing "duck"}
 She understands all spoken language, but she is unable to produce those sounds correctly (intelligibly) to the rest of the world.  Most of the time she is verbal with her signs and really tries to make the sounds.  Her speech is so delayed because of her hearing impairment.

Her language is a work in progress.  This summer she had a major break through and we are excited to hear all the "words" that she is learning.
{signing "help"}
We've had the same pediatrician for years, so when Aubrey came along, there was no one I trusted more with her health than him.  He's the best.  And last year....he hired a new pediatrician for the office.  We were in the office for Aubrey's 3 year well visit when she was "interviewing" and following him around.  And she signed to my girl!  It totally caught us off guard and I still get weepy (is that crazy) when I think of how important that is in her life.  Especially to have a DOCTOR to talk with.  Someone who can understand that she is hurting and ask her questions in her language about how she feels!  We loved TLC before, but we love them even more now. 

Our knew pulminologist....has a nurse on staff that signs.  Her son is 12 and he has Down syndrome:)

These happen to be happy coincidences for us.  And I realize that it's not the most important thing when interviewing a doctor, but it should be on your list for sure.  And if we ever find ourselves interviewing new will be on the TOP of my list.

90% of the people she comes into contact with each day....don't speak her language.  It makes me sad and I wonder how she feels.  Or maybe she is just used to it.  It almost brings me to tears, when we see someone that she can chat with.  Having doctors and nurses that sign is awesome.  There is even a lady that works at Costco that signs with her too:)  Good to have your grocer know what you are looking for too I guess!  Now you know why I shop there so's the lady that other reason:)

So if you are local and looking for a doctor for your kids, we HIGHLY recommend

{my hubby did their logo:}

If you aren't local, but want helpful tips for all those pediatrics you have running around at home, follow TLC on facebook!  (Today's helpful tip:  Infants under 6 mos may NOT have Ibuprofen=Motrin or Advil. )

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