Sunday, October 7, 2012

Love and Forgiveness

 This is sort of a guest post from my cousin Kelly.  She sent this to me in an email last week and I though that it was fitting to share with you.  All of the following content is from her email to me:

"I was in my ethics class the other day and the instructor was talking about each person having abilities and disabilities and how both abilities and disabilities should be appreciated in each of us.

"She told the story about an encounter that she had with someone where they were quite clearly pointing out the disabilities of someone with Down syndrome. I don't know how the discussion began , the instructor elaborated more on the end of the story. The result was the instructor saying to this other individual that there were many abilities that could be appreciated in an individual with Down syndrome, and went on to point out that never has she known anyone who could love anyone and everything so unconditionally as a person with Down syndrome. And that never would you encounter anyone who would forgive as freely and someone with Down syndrome.

"I have thought about that conversation the instructor had in our class many times since then. And I would have to say that from my experience, which is quite limited, I would have to agree with her.
"And I wish, even if for only 1 day I had the ability to love so unconditionally and forgive so freely. What an incredible blessing to have such amazing abilities.
{sometimes Aubrey gets carried away with LOVE!}
"I couldn't help but think of Aubrey and what a ray of sunshine she is. And what important abilities she shares with us."  -Kelly Kohl

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