Thursday, October 25, 2012

Embracing Diversity

We have 5 girls.  We know about the American Girl Books and Dolls.  We've been to the store in Dallas...many times.  I love that my girls fell in love with the books first and the history that each character contains and the diversity of her life here in America.  

You can by each historical character's doll, you can also create a "Just Like Me" doll that has hair like you and skin like you, etc.  You can even choose glasses and earrings, to make her just like you:)
This year..."American Girl has taken a  courageous step towards diversity with the launch of dolls with hearing aids, as well as dolls without hair, signaling to the disability community that little girls who are differently-abled are important enough to have their own personalized doll experience."

(Read the full article HERE.)

I love how accepting the world has become and that there are companies out there that are embracing our children's diversity and special needs.  It speaks volumes to this mama, and hopefully to the world, about accepting my girl....just the way she is....hearing aids.....extra chromosomes and all.

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