Sunday, October 21, 2012


Aubrey is our fourth daughter and while we hadn't planned on a fifth child, the Lord saw fit to bless us.  I think the number of kids or adding a boy to the house scared me more than the idea that we would have a baby with Down syndrome!  It didn't matter if he/she had Down syndrome and it didn't matter if he/she would be born healthy.  We had done all that before.  Once we got used to the idea of another one, we just wanted our baby....boy/girl....Ds or not....healthy or not.  Because in the end, we just wanted our baby and that is what mattered.  We got Emelia!

When I was pregnant, I sometimes found myself thinking that another baby with Ds would be fine too.  We loved all of our therapists and this way we wouldn't have to say goodbye to them.  Aubrey wouldn't have to worry about when her little sister/brother would pass her by.  There are so many wonderful things about her.  It wasn't a scary thought.

Last week, one of our blogging "friends", who happens to have an older sister with Ds, wrote a really great post about all this and since I can't say it better, I'll just let you read her post, HERE.

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