Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sign Language: Part 4-CLASS

Tuesday nights.  Every Week.  6pm-7:30pm.  FREE.  Childcare.  Learning.
 Aubrey goes to the Regional Days School for the Deaf.  Once she "graduates" to Kindergarten, she will probably attend Davis Elementary which is the elementary school that has signing teachers and all the assistive technology that Aubrey will continue to need to be successful at school.
 The school offers a Fall and Spring session for learning the S.E.E. sign language that is 8 weeks long.  There are three levels, from beginner to intermediate.  Now that Aubrey is in school, I'm having a hard time keeping up with all the signs that she knows....and the frustration shows.  So even though it is tough to get to class, we NEED to do this for our girl.
 We jumped right in with the intermediate class and are learning between 70 and 100 words each week!  We aren't RETAINING them all, but it is helpful and with practice, we are getting better:)  Imagine you are going to go to France on vacation.  You get that book about French and you learn some key phrases, but ultimately your French is s.l.o.w. and you have to look up every other word in the dictionary.  That is how sign language is too sometimes:)
This class is FREE and open to anyone.  They even have translators for those that are Spanish speaking only.  People in our class include:  parents, siblings, teachers, therapists, and bus drivers.  If you are interested in learning sign language in your own area, I would suggest contacting your local school district to see where the deaf education program is in your area and go from there.  

With FREE childcare for 5 kids, how could we say no?!?!?  It's sort of like a little date each week:)

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