Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sign Language: Part 3 --School Hearing Aids/FM's

Aubrey has a set of hearing aids for HOME and one for SCHOOL.  The school paid for the set she has there and does all the battery changes and maintenance.  They stay in the classroom.  After she empties her backpack and puts all her stuff away, she goes into the class and they take her HOME aids off and put her SCHOOL aids on.

 Her school aids are equipped with a FM system.  Aubrey's teacher wears a microphone all day and when she talks, her voice is directly transmitted to Aubrey's hearing aids, as if she was always standing 6 inches from Aubrey!  (even on the playground)  Pretty cool, huh?!?!?!  Some deaf/hard of hearing children actually have these systems in their homes.
{this is what the FM system looks like on Aubrey's hearing aids, although this is a picture of it located on a coacliar implant--I couldn't find a better picture and don't have on on file}

The following is a link to a video that explains things really well and includes a classroom simulation.  It is about 6 minutes, but so worth it, to understand what she is up against in the classroom.


I can't believe how well Aubrey does when she isn't at school using the FM system.  I also understand how frustrating her life must be sometimes.  I understand that she is probably taking her hearing aids out because it sounds the a jumbled mess to her and the silence must be wonderful!

I get it Aubrey....I really do!

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