Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thank You

We are blessed with the best family and friends....that goes without saying.  They treat Aubrey like any other kid....she's just one of the Smith Girls!  Maybe it isn't that way, but it  FEELS that way to us.  If feels normal and comfortable.  She blends in.  She's one of the crowd.
{friend at Oktoberfest tonight, teaching Aubrey and her friend how to search for "needles" (straws) in the hay}
We are so honored to have been given this gift, and we are so thankful that those around us, family, friends and strangers, who have embraced her as well, abilities and disabilities alike.

When she was first born, I read so many things and heard so many things about how others would treat her different and we would have to fight "politically correct language".  I like to take the high road and feel like the world is changing.  Only one time in 4 years have we ever had to deal with the word RETARDED being used (and it wasn't even about Aubrey).  Everywhere we go, we get nothing but love and blessings and support.  It is rare that I go into a store and someone doesn't have a wonderful story to share about someone they know who has Ds.  People WANT to be educated about her...they ask tons of questions.

We are blessed that she was born in this day and age.  She is surrounded by more educated people and there are so many possibilities for her.

So thank our family and friends and even strangers,  who have rallied around our girl, to make her life "normal".

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  1. Thank YOU for sharing your kiddos with all of us! Love them!


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