Monday, November 30, 2009


We had a wonderfully relaxing weekend. My little sister, Becky, came in from Long Beach, CA. It was a little cold here for her, but we all had a wonderful time. It is a tradition that we love. Each year we do some old favorite traditions and each year there is something new. As always, Becky and I tackled Potato Scurv (potato sausage) and Lefse (potato tortillas). They were delicious as always, but we will spare you the pictures. Aubrey took 4 hour naps every day, so she missed quite a few activities, but she was a lot happier for those naps.

The girls watched the Macy's Day Parade (they love musicals) and then set up their own parade/musical in the drive way. The "Rockettes" made a big impression on them.
We had lots of dress up. Each girl has a "Mulan" outfit from Grandma Smith.
Here is Ella with her fan.
Alice as "Mulan".
Kate as "Mulan".
There was picking of the last tomatoes and then getting the garden ready for the winter.
We trimmed the tree.
We had hot chocolate and sat by the fire. (No not really cold enough for a fire, but it the feeling and something we usually do on the winter weekends for the kids:)
Aubrey wasn't sure what to make of the fire. She would rather chew on the Christmas Bells.
We always do the cut out Christmas cookies Thanksgiving weekend and this year was no exception.
Ella REALLY wanted to go on the airplane with Becky last night.
This was her proof that yes she did fit into Becky's bag, so she could go, right?:)
And all too soon it was time to say goodbye. We had a lovely weekend and Becky got her fingerprints pressed onto Aubrey, so she would be remembered.
We are all going to miss her, but it is just a short month til Christmas, when we will get to see her for a couple more days.
We Love You, Becky! Thanks for the great Thanksgiving Weekend!


  1. I love the barefoot/t-shirt sunny outdoor pics alongside the trimming the Christmas tree and "warming" by the fire...NO barefeet and t-shirts outside here in MN! But, we did trim the tree and have the fire on last night. : ) Silly, Smiths, getting the garden "ready for winter." What winter? Did you really just pick your last tomoatoes? In NOVEMBER? Crazy talk, I tell 'ya. Our tomatoes are a distant memory. Like Aug. distant. I'm babbling....Hope you're having a great week! Much love from chilly MN!


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