Thursday, November 19, 2009


The nutritionist was here yesterday. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it myself. Aubrey weighed 14lbs 14oz (a 15oz gain from last month) and measured 26 inches (a 1 inch gain from last month) Her head stayed the same! I knew she was growing, but man! *In case you were wondering, that still doesn't get her on the charts:) I don't know what you other moms are feeding your 14 month old's but man, I really thought that she would make a big gain on the charts this month!

We are staying the course with everything that we are doing. She did suggest doing yogurt everyday. Since Aubrey appears to dislike cheese and any other dairy product, it will be good to keep her liking yogurt so that once I ween her, she will have diary and calcium already in her diet if she decides that she won't drink enough milk.

Developmental Therapy was here this morning and I am so glad to say that she did not scream at the top of her lungs for an hour this week. It was a really good session and we are finding that once we get something to be the right size for her, then she excels. She is just the right height for the baby wipes box or bathroom stool to be used as a seat. So she sits on it, then stands up at her table and then back down again.

Unfortunately as soon as we got her down on her hands and knees she starts screaming so we are going to have to get creative. I think that she could probably crawl is she weren't so stubborn. I have seen some of our "friends" online using a cloth "swing" at therapy, so we might get creative with bed sheets this weekend and see where it gets us. I'm sure that we will post pictures of how silly that all goes, but it might be just what she needs given that she loves the swing. The other thing is to just let her sit more, on her knees to get her more comfortable with that position.

That's if for today I guess. Back to Christmas sewing projects...

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