Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hey everybody! The end of the week was so busy, that I realized we haven't posted since Wednesday! Friday was a day in the stroller. She did great! This pictures was halfway through the day...not too happy...but not unhappy yet either:)
Kate and Alice had a half day and then a special reading program at school that night, so I went down at lunch to pick them up, meet with Alice's teacher and then play for the afternoon. In the nursery at their school (it's a church school) they had this little boat. I had never seen one before, but it looked to be just the right size for Aubrey, so I put her in it. She immediately took to "driving" and "shifting". She looks to be a natural boater:)
But better than that was that the seat was at just the right height that her feet touched the floor and she pulled herself up to standing. (She was soooooooo proud:)
And then she could sit back again. I realize now that I"m looking at the pictures that she looks kind of pudgy in these overalls! She does have a little belly, but not THIS big.
She loved that thing so much, that of course, as soon as I got home, I looked for one and apparently Little Tykes doesn't make them anymore, but good old EBAY had plenty of them:) We are hoping to get one for Christmas for her.
The theme for the Reading Night was: Founding Fathers. Each class traveled as a group, and went to different stations. They had craft time (make your own flag) and two separate reading sessions about some of the founding fathers and a station with colonial games! Ella loved the hoop game here. We also played jacks.
The final station was a game. The kids had to talk to all these founding fathers and then get their names into the clues on their paper. Funny how much Daddy resembles George Washington:)

Saturday, I stayed home with two sleeping girls and cleaned for 3 hours, UNINTERRUPTED! It was great:) Dad took Alice and Kate to two birthday parties. Kate's was at a horse farm. It was her first time on a horse and she loved it.
Alice had done it 3 years ago and so of course she was an "expert" and could show off a little.
By far her big highlight was the goat that she wanted to keep. "But Mom, he was so cute and soft and cuddly and I just loved him."
There was a playground there to use while they were taking turns. We decided that Kate really makes a good Cowgirl.
They got to feed apples and carrots to the horses.
The second party was gymnastics, but the battery died on Woody:) (He must have taken too many texture shots at the horse farm! But I'll spare you THOSE pictures:)

Aubrey has lots of appointments and therapy this week, so we will have lots to share I"m sure. Off to get things set up for tomorrow.



  1. That boat looks super fun, Aubrey! Now we want to find one, too!

  2. Wow, you did have a busy weekend! :)

  3. Rachel, I enjoy following your weekly routine on this blog, especially with the pictures. As busy as you were when we were there, I can't imagine how you find time to do this, too.

  4. Love Alice's new haircut! Cute, cute! Ella Rose immediately said, "It's just like mine!" And we had a good chuckle over Uncle George Washington. Happy Monday to you, Smiths!


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