Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hip Helpers...Toothbrush...Thank You...

So yesterday Aubrey had OT and I'm happy to say that I think the crying is behind us. She did very well and spent a lot of time on her hands and knees. She didn't go anywhere, but she stayed up and that is such improvement for her. Nicole thinks that she is close to crawling, even by Christmas, but I don't buy that and would be surprised if she was. We will continue to encourage her though.

She also suggested Hip Helpers for Miss Aubrey. They are basically shorts that are sewed together in the middle to help her keep her hips in. She needs to do this more to help her move to the next stage of mobility. They are a little expensive, so in my craftiness, I'm gonna try and make some myself. LOL:) I'm sure there will be a picture of how ridiculous Aubrey looks and I'm sure she will hate them and cry, but all in the name of crawling.

This morning she had Speech. Not much has changed from two weeks ago. We kind of feel stuck in the same place as far as eating and speech go. Aubrey did make a couple "N" sounds yesterday and today, and I heard one "M", but still not much. As far as eating, I think we all agree that she just needs to get some teeth already! I am heading to the dentist tomorrow with all the girls, so am going to have a "professional" take a look and see if he feels anything coming any time soon!

This week I did come across these "toothbrushes" that they used when she had heart surgery to kind of clean her mouth out every day. They are these green foamy things, but she absolutely LOVES to brush her gums and tongue and roll it back and forth in her mouth. Too bad I only have a couple left and they don't sell these in the store! Isn't that how it always is, you find something that you love and then they don't make it anymore, or they don't sell it in your store anymore. Anyway...

As Melissa (speech) was leaving this morning I said "Thank you" and then Aubrey signed it (her own version of course) and Melissa saw it and was so excited. I think that Aubrey probably signs more than we think, she just has her own way of doing it and we haven't caught on to everything yet. So we will be more vigilant on looking for her creative ways of saying and doing things:)


  1. We're able to buy l'il green spongie suckers at a smaller, privately run pharmacy that also does Rx compacting. If you locate one of those, they may carry them, too or be willing to order them in. The BEST part was they were super cheap...under $5 for a big pack. The PERFECT stocking stuffer, right?

  2. Declan had those in the hospital...can't say that he loved them though. lol. I hope you can find some for her, she sure loves to brush her teeth I've noticed! :) That's awesome!


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