Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Swimming and Stuff

Monday we went to the Pulminologist's office for her synagis shot. She was 14lbs 6oz. Hard to tell where that puts her since she isn't weighed there very often. Will have a better update this week when she is weighed by the nutritionist, but that's where she is at. Everything looked good except that she is still having some trouble with her lungs. She has a cold again. So we are doing breathing treatments again and once we get her to a "healthy" point, we will probably just keep doing them once a day as "maintenance" throughout the cold and flu season.

I also got her Part One of the H1N1. I have been putting it off, and since no one had it, been offering that as an excuse, but when it came down to it, they talked me into it. With Alice and Kate at school collecting germs all the time, I would hate for Aubrey to get sick. They said that if she did get sick, she WOULD be admitted to the hospital...so as long as she was getting one shot, why not:(

After that, we headed down to school to have the annual Thanksgiving lunch with the school girls. The kindergarten class made hats for the event. Here is Kate and her friends Matthew and Jake.
After lunch Aubrey went to play with her friends. Here she is with Tae. She is 9 months old. Her sister Ava and Aubrey's biggest sister Alice are in second grade together and were excited to see their little sisters being friends too. Tea kept "touching" Aubrey's shoes and Aubrey was fascinated with her hair and hair clip:)
Today was swimming day. I got tired of waiting for the swim school to email me the video of her, so brought my own camera today to capture the moments myself! She did awesome today and did some much kicking and splashing. They float in these tubes "chasing" plastic balls to get them to kick their legs. Aubrey doesn't care about the balls, she just likes to kick and move all over the pool.
They have this little PVC pipe "island" in the middle where the kids can play independently. She loves it on out there and would stand on that thing forever. We also use this as a starting point to swim. I gently pull her off of it and today she swam for 10 seconds total and kicked her legs the whole time! She is continually amazing me in the pool.
I am hoping that her enjoyment of the pool will gives us different opportunities to strengthen her muscles and get her crawling and moving around on her hands and knees more. The therapists have given me some ideas of things that we can work on in the pool when time allows.
Nutritionist tomorrow and therapy on Thursday. Busy week:)


  1. love those pool pictures! we'll have to get our little fish together for a dip in the pool someday. :0)

  2. She looks liek she is having fun in the pool!


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