Monday, November 30, 2009


Aubrey had an ear appointment today. We were supposed to just see her every 4-6 months to have the ear wax cleaned out of her tiny ears and to keep tabs on her hearing. She has such tiny ears that they fill with wax fast and she has had some fluid in her ears. But that will be changing...

Dr. Champion said that she looked tremendous today! Lots of wax, which she cleaned out, but there was no fluid in her ears at all. They look great and are better than average for kids with Ds she said. She didn't know how, with such small ear tubes, Aubrey was keeping so healthy. It is a testament to the extra care that we are taking to keep her well and is the little pat on the back that we need to keep going through this cold/flu season.

Then we had to go for the hearing portion of it. In July they did not do this because she had so much fluid in her ears and they couldn't get any readings on the ear drum either. They put us in a booth. Either side of the booth had speakers that she made sounds into or talked and they waited for Aubrey to turn and look towards the sound. As her mom, I wanted to help and it was hard not to. She has some mild loss or was just not interested in listening, it was hard to say. The scale is 0-20 is normal and Aubrey was a 25. Then she did a test where they stick a little instrument in her ear to see if the ear drum is moving. Aubrey's ears are so little that she doesn't have any "thingees" that are small enough to really fit and create a good seal. She tried though and Aubrey was so patient with her. They got a little movement on the left and none on the right. In July they had troubles too, so it is a waiting game.

A good visit, but they are going to keep tabs on her more closely, every 2 months to keep the wax from building up and to keep an eye on the hearing. She is pretty behind in her speech, so they want to keep tabs on it and we will talk to our speech therapist next week about it.

Happy Appointment=Happy Baby!

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