Saturday, November 7, 2009


We have been very busy this week recovering. October was busy with 31 days of blogging and keeping up with everyone else's 31 days of blogging! I was also was busy with 4 fairy costumes, company, outings and regular old fall fun! The house and laundry were neglected and we needed to tend to them this week. Can you see Aubrey here in our messy house!
"Big sis Kate took me to the park in my new pink car, that I got for my birthday. It is still kind of big for me and I tip out if I try to reach for the wheel, so Daddy put the boppy in front of me."

"Here I am "helping" Mommy with the laundry that she already folded. I am taking everything out to "fold" it my way."
Disclaimer here: I am not a bad mom:( I am just busy catching up this week and one day after lunch I stuck her in the saucer to do a couple things before I put her down for a nap. I came back a few (10 minutes...maybe) later and found her like this. She was so tired, she didn't even cry...she must have just laid down and fell asleep:(

We had a ton of errands to run this week. I like to go on Monday, Wednesday or Friday since I only have two to wrangle in the store. I got Ella out first and this is what she did, while I went to get Aubrey. "It's ok Ella, Mommy is not in a hurry...just sit down by that tree in the grass, in this parking lot and draw me a picture of the beautiful sun." "Can you sit in the cart and I can shop...Please!" Lovely moment...just didn't have time for it that day:)
Aubrey started doing her first sign this week!!!! When we sit at the table, I usually fold her hands and pray with her. Her sisters started saying the prayer and she immediately folded her hands to pray! I was so excited! I had almost given up on the signing stuff. Tonight she even did her own version of "all done" and "more". Maybe we are just figuring her out...
"I love going on the slide at the park!"
It was a busy week, but I think we are back on track now. She is making such strides and it has been so fun to share daily pictures and tid bits with everyone. I almost missed not blogging every single day, but we really did have to get a handle on the laundry and stuff! So hopefully there will be more blogs this week...Grandma:)

Hugs and kisses to everyone.
Love, Aubrey and Rachel


  1. LC likes to help me out with laundry in EXACTLY the same way...all of that housekeeping wears a girl OUT! No wonder you fell asleep!

    Thanks for updating us on your busy week and cheering us up with the sight of your sunny polka dots! What a star you are!

  2. Cute pictures in the car. We have that car from Brooke, I might have to try that out while we still have a few nice days before winter strikes.
    I have some of the exact same pictures of Lindsey falling asleep in her jumparoo and there wasn't any fussing, she just went to sleep right there.
    Great job on the signing!

  3. Oh my gosh, the saucer pics are hillarous! :) Thanks for the updates! :) WTG Aubrey with the signing! I feel for you house is such a disaster too, I probably shouldn't be blogging right now. LOL.


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