Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ella and the Alley

I just had to laugh at Ella this weekend. Our driveway and garages are in the back down here and there is an alley. Ours is odd in that the alley comes out between two houses on each end instead of behind the corner houses. Anyway...we are on the U curve of the alley. It is not a really busy alley, but still has cars coming and going frequently. The girls are allowed to play in the driveway, but CANNOT be in the alley. There is kind of a "line" that is a good marker for them not to cross. I even park the car at the end of the "J" shaped driveway to keep them in.

So I was checking on them and found Ella here.

She saw me coming and quickly said, "But Mom, I am NOT in the alley." Me, "Technically you aren't, but don't you think that is still too close?" Her, without pause, "Nope!" She definitely pushes her limits:)


  1. Kind of reminds me of someone

  2. LOL! She's a smart cookie! When we lived in Burnaby, BC, our suite entrance was at the back of the house, which faced a shared alley. Boy, some drivers barrelled down that alley and it would always irritate me because essentially, that was our backyard. On a more positive note, that is where Gabe really began walking and pushing his little sit-on go car! Good memories!

  3. Ha ha ha - oh that's so Liam :)


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