Monday, October 27, 2014

Vital Stim Therapy - Day 27

Aubrey gets Occupational Therapy at school as well as Speech Therapy.  The Physical Therapy, we do outside of school (she doesn't qualify at school anymore) and we also do Vital Stim Therapy, with a Speech Therapist.
One thing that we discovered last spring when she was so sick, is that she aspirates liquids into her lungs.  We are hoping that by "fixing" this, she will not get so sick anymore.  The way they do that is by strengthening her swallowing muscles.  They put these electrical pads on her neck and we eat lunch and drink and play for an hour.....twice a week.

It usually takes about 20-25 visits to graduate.  But in typical Aubrey is being done in her own time.....longer.  We pasted the typical time frame a month ago, and I have stopped asking them to guess how much longer.  We just keep plugging away at it.

We are doing absolutely everything we can to speed this up and support the work being done and part of that includes ADDING the Physical Therapy to work on her core muscles and upper chest muscles that also support the swallowing.  It is one more thing, and she misses school some more, but we really felt like it was important to add in and they were able to get her a session that was right before her vital stim.  

This girl continues to amaze me with her ability to roll with the punches and goes with the flow.  Not every session is awesome for her, but for the most part, she just does it.

Planning out my day for tomorrow and it includes a lunch date at therapy with Miss Megan and the Vital Stim!

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