Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Teeth -day 15

Tonight Aubrey lost her 3rd tooth. And this is her excitement level....tears. Her first tooth was lost over Christmas vacation, in the car, somewhere between Wisconsin and Minnesota.  (She swallowed it, we think) Her second tooth, she lost while in the hospital last March.  Zero interest in that tooth. 

For most kids, losing teeth is a right of passage. "I'm one of the big kids!"  Aub is different. She doesn't care. She doesn't understand. And in some ways it is traumatic I guess. She kept signing for me to call the dentist. 

It can be a challenge to understand her thought process and console her. Some days are like that with our girl. 

So we dried the tears and I pretended to call the dentist and told her they were closed and sleeping. She seemed to understand and I assured her I would call tomorrow. 

Some days are like this....

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