Thursday, October 9, 2014

Physical Therapy - Day 9

Carrying her own library books and checking them out herself
 For Aubrey's entire life, we have pushed her to be her best.  And to do what typical kids do or what came next in her development.  It has made her a better version of herself.  She is driven and determined and I love that about her....most of the time.....except when "all by myself" turns into a very time consuming event....and I'm in hurry:)  She is very independent and usually willing to try doing it herself first or with minimal assistance.
Climbing on the playground at school
Aubrey hasn't had Physical Therapy (PT) for two years.  It wasn't provided her at the school and it just didn't fit into our schedule to do it outside of school.  We have surrounded her with a very active lifestyle and there isn't much that this girl won't try to do.

Riding her modified bike - I don't know about you, but I ALWAYS ride my bike in my swimsuit:)
 Yesterday she had a PT evaluation done.  We are blessed with people in her life that always focus on what she CAN do and her strengths FIRST and then let us know what can be worked on and improved upon.
Balance walking on the bleachers 
 Her PT let us know that she is very strong for someone with her diagnosis and age!  She does very well in most areas of daily activity.  There are certainly things that we are going to work on with her, but her PT is actually very pleased with her abilities at this point:)  Refreshing to hear.
Making toast HERSELF
To give others an idea:  She is functioning at a 3 year old level PHYSICALLY according to the evaluation done.  It is important to keep in mind that sometimes she can do things that typical 6 year olds can and sometimes, she can't keep up with her 3 year old sister, but on average, that is where she is at physically.

They are going to work on her core strength which will assist her in all areas of life, but specifically they will help her run faster and stabilize herself in her chairs at school and when eating at the table and increase her ability to keep up with the kids in Kindergarten;)  We are excited to be back in PT and working with the awesome Jen!

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