Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 3 - The Future

Most of the time, Aubrey fits into a different category than you would think.  When she was born, I thought we would be a big part of the Down syndrome community, but we actually fit into so many categories and spread ourselves into all the categories that are important to Aubrey and all our kids.  I think in so many ways, whether we knew it or not, by spreading ourselves out, we make the statement that Down syndrome does not define Aubrey.  
Aubrey the Gymnast (not a strong contender unless Dad goes to work with her every day)
I always think of her as MY Aubrey first and then add in that she is hearing impaired.  I don't know that one disability is greater than the other or more important than the other.  I guess I figure the Down syndrome part is obvious, and the hearing impairment is not.
Aubrey the Grocer
It's sort of a double whammy or double blessing to have both....depending on how you look at it.  Both children with Down syndrome and those with hearing impairments are learning delayed in most, if not all, areas.  So Aubrey got a double whammy of learning delays.  I'll talk more about these later in the month.
Aubrey the Cheerleader - in life, for sure!
But both have provided blessings as well.  We find ourselves in the wonderful place of fitting into TWO special groups.  We are in the special needs community AND the hearing impaired community.  Both have provided us with friends that we otherwise would never have met and both have provided us with unique and different views on life with kids.

To be honest, I feel much more a part of the hearing impaired/deaf community, because that has been her placement in school and we have had to learn sign language to communicate....but it is also a challenging place to be too.  I am learning at the speed of MY daughter, 6, and holding a conversation with an adult in sign language (or even typical kids that are fluent in signing) is both intimidating and hard.  But I'm so thankful that I do and that I can and I know that they understand:)
Aubrey the Ballerina (this is not a strong contender since she doesn't actually
ever stay in the classroom for the entire class....or most of it either:)
I don't know what Aubrey will be able to do when she grows up,or whether she will find her place more in a "typical" community, or deaf community or special needs community but I know she will be successful  and I hope that she never "lets her disabilities crush her dreams". - Tim from Tim's Place

I'm encouraged by the changes that are happening ahead of her and the successes of "Tim's Place" and "Signs".  If you are ever near one of these restaurants....stop in and think of Aubrey.
Tim's Place

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