Sunday, October 26, 2014

Physical Therapy - Day 26

Thought I would share a little physical therapy with you. We are working specifically on core strength which will also help in so many areas. We meet every other week. And Jen is so creative. 
Aubrey does sit ups to get puzzle pieces. She can do 4 pretty good before she gets tired and they get sloppy.  
These are tiny road cones. She had to tap each one with her toe, and with each lmStarted with one and worked up to three. 
The swing is her "reward"!  After she does an exercise, she gets a rest on the swing. She works so hard and does EVERYTHING that Jen asks her to do. 
There is not a lot of interest in speech therapy at this place now that Aubrey knows they have such a cool gym too!  Sorry Megan, but your tools are not as much fun:(

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