Saturday, October 25, 2014

No Fear - Day 25

Do you remember the post about the lost tooth and how ODD her reaction is?  I got another one for you:
This girl had a MAJOR fall last weekend that included being knocked out, an ambulance ride downtown....and red Popsicles:)

It was a scary day and one that will live with me for a long time. The physical scars are mending and I'm trying not to be a helicopter mom....but it's hard.
Any of my other kids would have freaked out at being strapped to a board and carried of by the fireman. Scared of the fast ambulance ride and being in the ER surrounded by strangers. Not this girl!

You would think that doctors and hospitals would scare her because she's there so much, but she isn't. She was calm and cooperative. Her biggest concern was a bandaid for her head!  
She never got a bandaid, but she talked that sweet resident into a second Popsicle after I said no. (He was so sweet signing to her....and THAT was the ticket....cause she signed it to him and he just went and got it without me knowing!)

There are some things that I will never understand about how Aubrey thinks. And sometimes that can be really challenging, but this week I'm choosing to be GRATEFUL in my confusion. I'm GRATEFUL that she wasn't traumatized any more than she already was. I'm GRATEFUL that she is resilient and healing. I'm GRATEFUL that she's ready to climb and jump and play again....even if it makes me nervous now. 

I'm GRATEFUL she's mine...extra chromosomes and all!

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