Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weight Update

So, yesterday at the doctor she looked to have lost weight this past month and so our wonderful nutritionist (through ECI) squeezed in a visit to our house this afternoon. Three weeks ago, Mrs. Suzanne weighed her at 16lbs 3oz. Today she was 15lbs. 12oz. (insert sad Mommy face here:(

It is puzzling and we haven't seen any difference in her eating habits or anything else...except that she is scooting around a bit more now and must be burning more calories and not eating enough to keep up. (too bad we don't all have this problem:)

The Plan: I told her that we had tried the Pediasure that the pediatrition had sent home with us. (by the way...the kid won't drink milk, but when given chocolate pediasure, she sucks down the whole cup full-a true CHOCOHOLIC) And then also offered other suggestions that my wonderful readers had suggested. Mrs. Suzanne said that while more chocolate layer cake and icecream would be yummy...they would not put on good weight and should be avoided. She also told us that while woodchips are VERY fiberous, they are not very caloric and should also be avoided. (Aubrey was upset by this.)
Her first recommendation is to offer Aubrey Coconut Milk. It is found in a can in the Asian section of most grocery stores and she said that it isn't too expensive, but I'm not sure what that means. And this is why:

It offers 120 calories for 2oz.
Unlike other options, it is natural and only has naturally occuring sugar, versus lots of added sugar.
It is a medium chain trigliceride, so it is easily digested and absorbed.
It is a very mild flavor and she said most kids will drink it.
She has never had anyone that has a reaction to it (allergy) or problems (constipation etc.).
It can be mixed into things or made into a smoothie or drunk by itself. (Aubrey would probably want the chocolate version or at least a chocolate smoothie of the stuff-instead of my idea to mix it into her morning oatmeal:)

She would like to see Aubrey take 4-6 oz a day. She needs about 700 calories a day, so this would put her at at 30-50% for the day and the rest from food and breast milk.

Her second recommendation is to go back to more high calorie/fat foods like bananas, avacados, mangos and sweet potatoes.

Her third recommendation would be to try the Carnation Instant Breakfast Drink Mix. Each packet is for 8oz of liquid and she recommended using 4oz coconut milk and 4oz whole milk, but she did say it is hard to find in vanilla and we would likely end up with chocolate. This option would be 444 calories per 8oz, but again this has sugars.

OUR plan: We are going to start off with the coconut milk plain-offered like milk or in a fruit smoothie and do the bananas, avacados and sweet potatoes. We will let you know how it goes. Aubrey says she will cut back on woodchips too:(

Aubrey has her 6 month ECI review next week and so we will have her weighed and measured next Tuesday and then Suzanne will come the following week as well to keep on top of this new development.

This all takes me back to those early days, before surgery, when we kept such careful track of all the calories in and out, right down to the cc's! We mixed and measured and felt like chemists most days. It is emotional to say the least. But it is sooooo minor in the grand scheme of things. She is a healthy little girl and has just backed up a little. She'll get going forward soon and this will be something we laugh about someday.

There was talk last month that she might get to 20lbs for her 2nd birthday and FINALLY get out of the baby seat AND get to turn around. Maybe that scared her a bit? Or maybe her therapist have been working her too hard? It's always nice to blame someone else. We hope that it is nothing more and our professional team has given us no reason to worry beyond "just a little set back."

We appreciate all the "Plump Prayers" being sent up on her behalf and we will keep you posted as to what she is willing to drink and what works, so that others may benefit from our experience.


  1. Thanks Rachel for sharing all of this valuable information. I am going to try these suggestions with Landon to see if we can plump him up too(before we see his nutritionist in July). He is still 15lbs. 5oz at 13 months old. We have also been told not to worry, he is growing, just slowly!! People are floored when I tell them how old he is......the guess is usually 6-7 months old(8 months has been the highest)! Ugh!! Good luck with the coconut milk, it's actually pretty good, I hope the little ones like it too! Can't wait to hear about Aubrey's opinion(could there ever be a replacement for wood chips...lol)!

  2. So cute that she is a chocoholic! She and I would get along just fine! :) I'm glad to hear you were able to get some good suggestions about what you could do to help her plump up, I sure hope she enjoys them and they work for her!

  3. LOVE the new video! She is just amazing. Such a star with the fork. And, she seems to be saying, "More please, Mama!" Did that happen to be a smoothie she was drinking? Yum! So impressed with you, baby girl!


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