Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mediterranean Yogurt

For those who were wondering about the Mediterranean Yogurt (along with me:) I have found it! You can go to their website and search under their specialty products. Also you can locate a store in your area that carries it by clicking on the "Get Fresh" tab and then entering your state in the lower left corner. I am able to find it locally at "Sprouts Farmers Market" or at "Whole Foods". I'm hoping to get some today. 60 calories in just 2 tbls would be so much easier than 1/2 cup of yogurt! Hope this helps! I'll let you know how this goes! I've heard it is super yummy...not that you will find me eating it at that calorie cost!


  1. I know - I have to use your blog as "what calories to AVOID"!

  2. We've bought Cascade yogurt! Good stuff!! We got it at a regular grocery store then (you might just wanna swing by or check that section if you're at the store). I don't think Wal-mart carries it, but you might wanna try Tom Thumb or Kroger? We used to get it for Liam especially back in the day when we had very few options with his GFCF diet. It sounds like you're doing amazing things for Aubrey! Keep up the great work mama!

  3. That is definitely packed with calories! That should work perfectly! And I love the new video of her cruising, so cute!


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