Monday, March 8, 2010

18 Month Well Visit

It's Raining...It's Pouring...My new raincoat isn't boring!'s got buttons...
and over here it says "POOH"...
And it has two little pockets...and I need these just like the ones I have in my jeans, cause I just love putting my hands in my pockets!
So we headed off to the doctor in the rain today. Not many things surprise me about the regular doctor visits. It is mostly a time to update him on all her other appointments and then go over the skills that she has (and doesn't) and then he reminds us about summer and sunscreen and baby proofing and stuff. They are almost always "feel good" visits these days and so we like these very much.

Today...through me for a loop. They weighed her and she was 15lbs. 13oz.! 3 weeks ago she had been 16lbs 3oz! So I was shocked! He recommended calling the nutritionist and seeing what we should do and gave us some pedisure. He thought that maybe (since she won't drink milk) that we could use that instead of milk for smoothies to get her extra calories. He is puzzled because she really is a great eater and eats just about anything. We just need to maybe choose higher calorie foods.

I have always tried to teach my kids a good balance between healthy and nutritious and "the good stuff". It has been a challenge to create healthy habits for Aubrey and feeding her what will help her grow. She loves smoothies, but I have really backed off, because that is ALL she wants and food goes out the window for her. I don't want to start up with the smoothies all the time again and have her stop eating the good stuff all together. Right now she has such a good balance of fruit and veggies and meats and grains. Anyone have suggestions or similar troubles?

I am hoping that our nutritionist will call back or make a special trip out this week to do measurements again and make sure all this worry is worth it. She is usually really good about the balance of healthy versus gain weight foods, too. A reason why we really like her in the first place...oh yeah, and she is the mother of four beautiful (grown) girls just like me!

Otherwise Aubrey is fine and healthy. A little congested this weekend, but he said her lungs sounded good, so no worries, probably just new teeth. Wonder where they will pop up!

I asked about a vision test, and since they start those routinely at 2 and she seems to see fine, we would just do it in September with her yearly visit and take it from there.


  1. You can sneak veggies in the smoothies too. :) I used to do that when I was training for a race. Protein powder and veggies with the good stuff. You can't tell it's there except for the color of the shake (usually ends up green). :)

    Cute-o pictures!! :) We had a jacket JUST like that (except the inside was blue stripes) for Liam and he LOVED his too!! We got many compliments on that raincoat. :) Aubrey I bet gets a million! :) Stay dry!

  2. More chocolate layer cake =)

  3. We get the adult version of extra-calorie Ensure (the generic one, actually). It qualifies for our health spending account and has more nutritional density than the kids' version.

    It's also nice and thick for us to practice liquid-swallowing with.

    Another big high-calorie favorite of LC's is her morning oatmeal. We do the regular quick oats, but stir in just over a tablespoon of peanut butter and a bit of brown sugar. It concentrates the calories into a smaller portion and is something she enjoys quite a bit. We prepare it with water, but then use the Ensure to thin it out a bit. It also adds some sweetness, but definitely packs lots of calories into one punch.

    We're also still giving LC 24 calorie-concentrated formula...but that's mainly because there isn't really a whole-milk equivalent out there in soy and that's what she requires.

    Let us know if you get any other great suggestions!

    We'll be sending you some encouragingly plump thoughts!

  4. Love Aubrey's new raincoat! ♥ So cute!

    To help Gabriel at Aubrey's age, we introduced lots of bananas, avocados and mangos into his daily diet. Luckily, he would eat them!

  5. How cute is that, I love that she loves to put her hands in her pockets! I wish I had lots of ideas on how to add in calories... if I come up with any I will let you know! And the other day I was watching the pictures of Aubrey with her shadow, those are so stinkin' cute!

  6. Um, our babies couldn't POSSIBLY be TWO this coming fall, so I don't understand why you brought that up.... Nope. Still don't get it. I'm perplexed. Pretty sure that couldn't be. Maybe it's some kind of mis-calculation....

  7. I like Christy's ideas for the smoothie...I actually have a recipe for a "Greens" smoothie that's yummy and really good for you. I'll send it your way. The avocados, mangos and bananas sounds great too. I think I could live on a diet of avocados, mangos and bananas. Yum!

  8. Rachel, I love this post!! Landon is 15lbs. 5oz. and he is 13 months old (he has been stuck at 15lbs. for about 4 months now). Our pediatrician also spoke about pedisure (I haven't tried it yet). We don't see Landon's nutrionist until July! I'll keep peeking back at some of the suggestions. Boy could I use some too:) Landon eats a pretty balanced diet too, I just don't get it!


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