Monday, March 15, 2010

Cruising Around...

So after last weeks drama of the weight loss, I failed to update on her therapy drama!

Since Christmas, Aubrey has decided that she doesn't like her PT teacher. I don't know why, can't pin my finger on it. The only think I can think of is that she was the first teacher we saw after her hospital stay and she had to work and it scared her all over again...don't know...but she cries a lot during her therapy now and I feel awful, but she needs the work, so we try to get through it. I even gave her a couple M & M's one day. She couldn't even eat them because she was so worked up and almost hysterical! Anyone have suggestions out there?

Her Developmental Therapist was here on Friday and we did a lot of work on the cruising thing (she is anti-crawling even though she can do it and screams when we try to correct her). It took her almost 30 minutes and a lot of help from both of us, but she went all the way around the coffee table holding onto her music table while I inched it away from her. There was "complaining" but as long as we distracted her with goldfish, she was good. And that way we are replacing any calories she is burning, while she is burning them!

Liz said that there was nothing keeping her from walking but herself. I don't REALLY believe that, but I agree that Aubrey is a little stubborn. And if she falls or gets the least bit unstable, OH MAN THE TEARS AND CLINGING. She doesn't like to try new things or unfamiliar things. So I recommitted to pushing her to do things and getting her really familiar with things that we use for therapy. We do short spurts of "work" throughout the day and it seems to work much better than spending 30 minutes all at once "working".

And after a weekend of work, she can get around the coffee table (without distraction) in under 3 minutes! It's all about pushing her and just letting her do it in her own way and time...and treats help too:) Enjoy the new video!

*Lily-the rest of Aubrey's videos that you like to watch over and over during the day are all the way at the bottom of the page. Just tell Mommy to scroll down!


  1. WOW! Am I impressed! I love how she was watching the coffee table- like she was watching to make sure there wasn't something up there that she'd like to have. And I particularly like the replacing-calories-before-they-have-a-chance-to-leave piece. After that much work, she deserves them! I made my hubby watch- he couldn't stop laughing at how CUTE she is!!! Way to go, Aubrey!

  2. Oh man, that is a pickle. I bet trying a new PT would be tough if she doesn't like new things/people. I know (for us) when we have had similar issues, we gave lots and lots (and I mean LOTS) of praise and treats. It's one of those things that has to be done, and it sounds like you're doing everything you can to make the best of it. I'm praying for you and your sanity! :) I know it can be exhausting. :)

  3. Yea, Aubrey girl! I have to tell you that lately whenever we talk about Aubrey, Noah points at the computer. I wonder if he thinks that that's the only place she exists? That's a problem we better take care of soon. Time for some Noah and Aubrey bonding time!

  4. P.S. Thanks for the tip on the videos. We've been listening to "Everyone Eats When They Come to My House" for 15 min. straight! : )


  5. Way to go Aubrey!! Love the video:) Hard work sure does make you hungry!! Love the bribery, mommy:)

  6. Great job Aubrey!
    Lindsey screamed during PT for a couple of weeks and eventually got over it. She wasn't happy with what we were working on at the time. She was also mad and cried if we were working on some of the same things at home. Does she mind doing it at home or just at PT?


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