Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting Closer to a shoe that fits!

Today in the mail, Aubrey got a pair of sandals from one of her Grandma's.    We love little packages (who doesn't),and if I forget that they are coming EVEN BETTER, because then it is a surprise for everyone and we eagerly rip it open to discover all the surprises that it holds.
Poor Woody got left out, but I got some coupons and a pattern!
And the girls each got shoes:)

As you can see, these are closer to fitting her than Woody's were!
Still got some growing to do before we can officially wear them, but she couldn't get them off, 
so good practice shoes!
She did not want to stand up with them on!  This was a very quick photo op and then she was down.
But like all girls, she thinks these shoes are SO PRETTY!
I can see the lifetime of shoes in her closet already.
She's gonna be a shoe lover...like all the rest of us!


  1. LC LOVES her Easter shoes. Her new favorite pasttime is putting them on and dancing for herself in front of the mirror.

    I may need to keep her from seeing Aubrey's new kicks. She'll be out the door with my pocketbook when she sees those fancy heels.

    Toooooo cute!

  2. Oh, I love them. Your poor hubby is undoubtedly SCREWED when it comes to a shoe budget, huh??? Oh, the woes of having a house with five women... Poor guy!


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