Monday, March 1, 2010

Time in Michigan

Aubrey and I had such a wonderful time in Michigan this past week. Aubrey did AWESOME on the plane. Both ways were direct and she nursed as we took off and slept until about 30 minutes before landing and then was content to have a snack and watch out the window. I was so pleased and I think everyone on the plane was happy too, but they don't know what a sweet girl she is when she is awake and it would have been fine if she were awake the whole time.

I used our backpack to carry her in and she loved it! And no one touched her at the airport, which I loved!

The star of the week, and the reason we went to Michigan, was this guy...Jacob.
He is the sweetest little guy and such a cuddler!
Aubrey love him too and was so excited whenever she realized he was close and unattended! She would scoot herself right over and love on him.
The week was filled with playing with the OTHER cousins too.
While Livy (7) was at school, we were busy at home.
Carley (4) and Aubrey played pat-a-cake and Luke (3) filled in as her buddy for Ella.
That bear is pretty special and he was more than willing to let her share it
and do tricks on her with it!
Carley and Luke taught me the art of Wii Bowling!
We baked 2 batches of muffins and a triple chocolate fudge birthday cake
for Auntie Sarah's birthday.
Aubrey didn't neglect her therapy. We did page turning and reading and lots of standing by the windows looking at the lake and longing to see the wonderful snow covered swimming pool.
And of course, we bundled up and went out to play in the snow. They have a little baby sled with a belt, and she had a good time being pulled around. Grandpa even took her down the hill and she had a big smile! (too bad I wasn't ready with the video or camera)
Cousin Livy puller her around the yard for awhile.
Carley and I at snow together, though I think she enjoyed it more than I!
While Livy and I were happy to sled down the big hill in the back yard, Carley and Luke were happy to swing on the playset. I did have to dig out a bit for their feet, but that is where they liked to be.
On Sunday, Jacob became a child of God through baptism.
May the Lord continue to watch over him and bless his life.
Woody and I are lucky to be godparents to him and look forward to watching over him as well. He is a special little guy.


  1. Awwww, he's so cute!! Looks like you guys had a great trip! Glad to hear the trip there and back went well too and that you made it home safely.

  2. It was a good week and so good to have you here for even a short visit! mom

  3. It looks like your time in Michigan was filled with lots of love and tons of fun! Jacob sure is a cutie.


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