Tuesday, March 16, 2010

6 Month Review

Just a quick update on today. She had her ECI 6 month review with all her teachers today. It was so very nice! I was kind of dreading the developmental placement stuff and they didn't do any of that today! It was a review of her goals...setting NEW ones and making sure that her teachers are coming often enough or too much. Most things stayed the same, but we did some checking off of her goals and added new ones. I am just beaming with pride for that little peanut and she showed off all her skills to the teachers today. It was fun to let the nutritionist see a different side of Aubrey...the playful smiling girl that she is:)

She also got weighed today and she is back up over 16lbs. We are thankful for all your plump prayers. Not sure what happened last week, but she is back to where she was last month, so that is good and we are going to continue with our higher calories for now.

The Coconut milk really does look like glue when you open it up and it is that thick too! I had to put it into a shaker cup to get it all mixed back together and then I portioned it out into 4oz bottles (one each day). I tried it alone...I tried it in a smoothie...and the only way that she would drink it was when I mixed it with the chocolate pediasure! It is like a really thick milk shake so her cheeks are getting a work out, but she drinks it!

We are also doing the bananas, avocados, and I have been doing a lot of vanilla yogurt and oatmeal and we tried Hummus. She likes the spicy roasted red pepper flavor! They had samples at Costco and she liked it so I went with that over the plain. I have really been watching her calories at each meal/snack and making sure that she is getting between 150-200 at each sit down meal and then she also has at least 1-2 snacks and is nursing. So it seems to be working. We are allowed to back off just a bit this week, and then she will be weighed again next Monday and we will make a new plan.

Hope that this helps others who are struggling to grow and gain. She also told me about a new yogurt, but I'll have to get he name again because I forgot, but I think it was like Greek, but Mediterranean or something, but had a really high calorie count as well. I'll post after I ask her again, but I remember she said that it was available at Whole Foods or World Market.

She also went to the Pulminologist for a random check up and came away with bad news. Her lungs are no longer clear...and so we are back up to 5 treatments a day and they put her on antibiotics. He said that if you are runny nose sick for more than 10 days, the likelyhood that it will go away on it's own for her is slim to none and that she is probably on her spiral down. Her RSV test came back negative, but they sent it out for the long test along with other cultures that should be back on Friday. We aren't scheduled for another visit for three months, but I assured the secretary that she would likely see us before that! Remember, Aubrey does NOTHING by the book...and we love her for being SO individual:)

Sweet dreams everyone...


  1. Okay, so judging by the consistency of that stuff, I can't say I blame her for being picky about it... Although, it could be her incredibly creative (and very smart) way of getting a nice dose of chocolate, too. And if that's the case, she's my kind of kid!

    Bummer on the new bug... We'll be praying for an easy-peasy-speedy recovery!

  2. Oh, I'm sorry to hear about Aubrey's lungs. I'm wishing for a speedy recovery, too.

    I think you have documented the calorie/food ideas so well! Many moms will appreciate your advice. :)

    Mmmm. I love the idea of a coconut milk smoothie! I'm going to try it on Gabe!

  3. Mmmmm....Greek yogurt. Not sure if it's anywhere near the same thing, but there's a really yummy Honey Greek yogurt at Starbucks with granola to mix in that I recommend for Mama!


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