Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day at the Park

It was a wonderful family day today. And we spent a fun afternoon at the park. It was a beautiful (windy) day, but I love March. There is just something that is so nice about it. The weather is getting warmer (here at least) and things are turning green again or sprouting and it seams like it is time for more things that are spring like. I just love it!
Aubrey was riding in her car, which is how we usually go to the park with her and she loves it!
Even able to finally beep the horn by herself!
Ella on her bike. She doesn't need to be first on the way to the park, but she CANNOT be last. And since Aubrey doesn't mind, me and her are usually bringing up the rear.
Alice...just hanging out.
And Kate hanging out.
(they kind of know the deal...
that Mom wants a few "photos" at the pose and get it over with:)
Hmmmmmmmm...what is this stuff...
Feels kind of funny....
Let me get a big handful...
And taste it!
Hey it's not so bad. I think I need a bigger bite!
You guys play...I'm just gonna keep shoveling these things in!
"Hey...I'm over here!"
I love my daddy so much!
Alice is our courageous one!
Kate loves to hang out!
Playing MONSTER TAG. Alice was "it" and was the chaser! guys playing games without me?
Oh...never mind...they got more woodchips over here. I'll stick with these!
Slide...I don't know about this one Mom...
It's a long way down...
This is when she started shaking, so I rescued her. Maybe we should have slide therapy one day and head down to the park for physical therapy.

Hope that you all are having a wonderful weekend too.


  1. Slide therapy sounds like the best kind!

    ...and those wood chips? There's GOT to be a more tasty form of fiber out there. Surely. Maybe she was just showing off those fantastic fine motor skills???

  2. Oh, you sweet little woodchuck. i could just eat you up.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of Ella on her bike. She should wear red every day! Wow!

  4. woodchips, so funny! Great park pictures, looks like it was fun. They are telling us it might be getting "warmer" this week up this way.

  5. Awwww, you guys are so cute!!! :)

  6. Looks like you all had a fabulous time at the park! I love the pics of the girls....especially Aubrey and the woodchips:) Too cute! And slide therapy.....I think you're on to something!!

  7. Oh I LOVE your new blog layout and the header pictures!!! Your family is adorable! Great pics!

  8. Monster tag? Wonder where you got the idea for that one?! : ) Wish we could play a rousing game of Monsters with the Smiths right now! We went on a walk yesterday and the purple park was buried in snow, much to the girls' disappointment. They said, "How 'bout the green park?" Unfortunately, pretty much all parks are out-of-order for us right now. I like March in TX!


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