Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I got a LOT of emails and comments about how it was October....and something seemed to be missing!  (Hint, Hint, Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge)  Just guessing, but I'm thinking that people knew it was Down syndrome awareness month....and they were hoping for a blog post every day:)  

In so many ways, I have done my job then.  You all remember that October is Down syndrome awareness month and I bet you think of Aubrey and all the others in this world with Ds and I hope that you smiled and took a moment to think about these individuals and the lives and opportunities that they need and should have....what they deserve.

I'll admit that I had the best of intentions last night, but that was as far as I got....and then my mom called everything will wait and the post will happen, cause we are NOT going to disappoint Grandma!
{Ella 2 years old, Aubrey 2 weeks-love that little Mohawk}
 Our girl had a cardiology appointment today and I was reminded of how far she's come.  Born at 4lbs 11oz.  She was so tiny....and so sick and our focus was her heart, not Down syndrome.  And to be totally honest, most days are like that.
{Aubrey 13 months}
She's just Aubrey, fourth daughter to Rachel and Woody, sister to Alice, Kate, Ella and Emelia.  She has big brown eyes and a killer smile. She loves life.  She loves challenges.  She loves routines.  She loves Monsters, Inc!
{Aubrey 24 months, Ella 4 years}
 It's easy to forget about the Ds part of her, because her DIFFERENCE has never been our FOCUS.  Our focus is on raising a daughter who loves life, is strong and confident and happy.  We focus on her abilities, while pushing her to be her best at so much more....just like we want and do with all our children.
{Aubrey 35 months}
 But she is different.  And as much as her life is good right now, I was recently reminded that her life might not always be so good.  This munchkin was born into an AWESOME family and community.  She has always been loved and respected and admired.  Some might say she lives in a bubble.  The world is not like that.  Her world won't always be so good.
{Aubrey 4th Birthday}
 I hope they are wrong.  I hope that the world we are living in is full of educated people who understand the value of human life, no matter the differences.  I hope that they look at all people kindly and with respect.

It reminded me that, as her mom, it is my JOB to make sure that that is her reality.  I can't "forget" that she has Ds.  It needs to be something that we remember and keep advocating for, so that her current world is just as we hope it will always be.  It is my job to continue advocating and sharing our girl with the world, so that we can put myths to rest, so that they can learn to love and respect all people with differences.
{Aubrey- 5 years}
This girl changed our life 5 years ago and we hope that she touches others in the same way and softens their hearts to be more kind to ALL individuals and not just those with Down syndrome.

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  1. I am not Aubrey's only Grandmother who checks the Blog even when it is not October! Thanks from this side of your family.


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