Sunday, October 6, 2013

Overcoming Obstacles

Yes they wear THAT to skate class....I pick and choose my fashion battles:)
Delays are always going to be a part of Aubrey's life.  We knew that from the start.  Some areas are going to have greater delays than others, because of her Down syndrome.  But she will eventually OVERCOME all of those obstacles.  
I would say that her speech is mostly delayed because of her hearing impairment.  I don't know where she would be with her language if she didn't have that impairment.  Definitely behind, but I don't know where.  She is WICKED smart with her sign language, so I think in some ways, she is probably right on target, we just can't understand all that she says verbally....yet!
Beyond that, physical things have been a challenge for her.  Mostly because of her size, and not ability.  She's finally tall enough to reach the pedals on her tricycle and takes off down the street pretty fast.
Aubrey has wanted to ice skate since August when she saw the big girls doing it.  Girl finally got her chance!  They actually make skates almost small enough for her!  And while most things don't come easy....they come and she is determined to do it with out help.  It wasn't love at first skate, but she is as persistent as she is stubborn and girl gets it done.  She practices, becomes confident and then watch out, cause here she comes.
See ya!  I'm going to skate!

**I think everyone would agree that walking in skates is much easier than actually skating....same for Aubrey.  Skating with Aubrey takes two constant hands, so there are no pictures of that.  But she LOVES it and there will be more skating in her future:)  Overcoming the world, one sport at a time!  Just like everybody else.....just slower.

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  1. Do y'all skate in Allen? Is it in the evening? I'd be happy to come take pictures for you to share. :)


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