Monday, October 14, 2013

Guest Post: Love and Laughter

**Guest Post from Auntie Becky and Cousin Jack**
2 things pop into my head when I think of Aubrey - her smile and her capacity of love!

Oh, that smile! Did you see it at the top of the blog page? I bet you smiled just seeing it!  That smile lights up her whole face, and the whole room!  It is often followed by a sweet giggle. It's contagious! I can't help but smile just thinking about it. I can't wait to see that smile and hear that giggle again. 

That smile is often seen because of her love.  Aubrey has a love like no other. Inside that tiny girl is one giant heart! One of her favorite people these days is her newest cousins, Jack. 
Aubrey reading to Emelia and Jack - Charlie Brown Stories

I was lucky enough to head to TX in July, with Jack. I'm pretty sure everyone was way more excited to see Jack than me, but I'm certain Aubrey was more excited about seeing Jack!  We arrived at the end of Aubrey's hospital stay. She spent a week in the hospital, away from her sisters, her toys, normal life. When she walked in the door, finally home, she pushed passed her sisters that were all there to greet her at the door and said, "Where's my baby?" She was looking for Jack. When she found him, there were lots of hugs, kisses and the insistence on holding him! 

Every time she saw him, she wanted him on her level and was ready to shower him with all the love in the world! She even tried him help escape from nap time. Lucky for us, she was too  short to actually get him out. If he did have to stay in there, she at least wanted to make him comfortable, so she gave him a pillow and a pile of books to read! I can't wait for the day when he can actually keep up with her! For now he loves to sit and watch her go.

That big smile and heart have touched the lives of so many people. The people that know and love her as well as so many others! That's why we all love October to hear daily Aubrey stories! So many people that have never met her continually ask about her and pray for her!

We all love you sweet Aubrey!

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