Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where she's at....writing.

For those who aren't around or don't spend "craft" time with Aubrey, this is where she is at in her writing skills.  I would really say that Fine Motor Skills are her weakest area.  She has finally mastered a closed circle.  She even added a couple dots one day and a line to make a face:)  My Momma heart was bursting!
 Now she is working on crossing lines.  They start with a plus sign, for example.  Then she will move on to angled lines.  But the other day, Woody worked with her on A's.  He drew a whole sheet of them and she had to trace them all.  Sounds easier than it was, but she did it twice!  The angle parts seemed easier than the middle cross part for her.
Way to go girl!  You are on your way to writing your name!

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