Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Our Baby

**I've had a few people ask me to write more on our thoughts and feelings about receiving the Down syndrome diagnosis.  Here is a reflection of sorts.
Getting an echo at 2 weeks old.  4lbs 13oz
"Do you want a boy or girl?"

"We don't care....We just want a healthy baby."

A statement I have heard a million times.  A statement I have said through 4 pregnancies.  And then my Aubrey was born.....

When I was pregnant with Emelia, my 5th, I realized what an odd and sometimes hurtful question and answer that can be.  Some people are struggling just to BE parents.  Some people are carrying babies that won't live long.  Some are carrying babies who will be born with holes in their hearts.  

Boy.  Girl.  Healthy.  Unhealthy.  AV Canal Defect.  Down syndrome.  It doesn't matter in the end.  Then answer is, "We want OUR baby."  That's it.  You just can't wait to meet YOUR baby.  We want to finally meet and hold and love OUR baby.  

We didn't love Aubrey any less because she was a girl and not a boy and we didn't love her any less because she was unhealthy at birth instead of healthy.  And we certainly don't love her any less because she has Down syndrome.  Sometimes, I love her more....

I wouldn't say it hurts to hear someone want a "healthy" baby, but it strikes me differently now.  I would never wish and unhealthy baby on anyone.  But now when I hear it, I say a little prayer that that family does in fact receive a healthy baby.  And then I pray that they are surrounded by wonderful doctors and friends and family if they are blessed with one that is not. 

We love OUR baby girl!  We hope you love your BLESSINGS equally.

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