Monday, May 27, 2013


A blog post!  I know:)

I'm trying to get back to blogging....for the sake of the grandmas and family that keep telling me they miss the story of our life:)  I appreciate that they like the story that goes with the pictures I try to send and post.  I'll be honest:  These munchkins killed the blog.

Cute yes....but "Trouble X2"!  These guys are a lot of work lately and something had to give and it was the blog:(  I miss it and am going to try and do it when I find the time....but no promises.

We spent the weekend in East Texas camping with we do so often and it was the always!
 We are some of the few that actually don't have a cabin or RV when we are out there.  We like to rough it:)
 Believe it or not, we all fit pretty comfortably in the camper at night!  Though I will be glad on the day we can ditch the pack and play and have a little more room to walk.
 Days at the lake are FULL and these two didn't stop for one minute.
 We spent about 15 minutes the first day frantically looking for Aubrey who had wandered off.
 So many people looking for her!  Hard to explain that you are looking for a 4.5 year old who looks more like a two year old....oh and by the way she is deaf and doesn't have her hearing aids in!
 After searching ACRES....we found her 30 ft from our campsite in someones cabin...just hanging out!  Considering a leash for that one.
 We spend about 70% of each day IN the lake.  Emelia liked the deck more than the water.
(she's kissing it:)
 The dearly beloved boat.  This was GRAY'S boat and he so willingly shared with my girls ALL weekend.

 It was NEVER empty!  And the rockets....those belonged to Gray and Nate too...and they shared those all weekend too!  I'm mother of the year....I didn't pack ANY toys for the water!

 Aubrey is spoiled with the "warm" spa at home and spend a good portion of her time at the lake pouting because it was "cold".
"I WANT to swim....but it looks cold...and dirty!"
 And when they weren't in the was all about campfires and food!  Kate and Nate and Gray were masters at roasting by the end of the weekend.
 Emelia ate hers "raw" and Aubrey prefered right off the fork.  She roasted hers all of 10 seconds and then ate!
 Gray really wanted a s'more, but kept forgetting and would eat his marshmallows before he got to the table to have them made!  So funny!  I don't know how many he actually ate, before he got his s'more.

I don't think poor Megan got any marshmallows....just graham crackers.  She seemed content though:)  Next year Meg, I'll hook you up!
 But fresh air=tired at the end of the day!
And shortly after dinner, this girl got put to bed.  She was easy!  Emelia....not so much.  It took lots of walking in the stroller before she would nod off at night!
 Potty training while camping.....not my favorite.  And this girl gets into so much trouble while she is sitting.  She loves to wear Ella's glasses.  At this point, Em only gets to sit on the potty and must ALWAYS wear a diaper.  But I really tried to keep Aubrey in panties this weekend.
5 hours into the first day....there had already been three outfit changes:(  It was tough....and she kept asking to go potty every 5 minutes.  LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG weekend.  She wasn't happy, but she spent a lot of time in diapers this weekend....mostly because I was running low on clothing.  It will come, but it has been very slow.
The big kids got to use paddle boats....the little girls got snack time.  I thought for sure this would be "Trouble X3", but it wasn't.  These three had a great time together.
And the weekend always ends with a family picture in the "Grandma Smith Camping Vests".

This was the TOUCH CAMPER look!  I think that girl in the stripes was trying to escape though and the other girl in pink, was exploring her many pockets.
 Alice is close, but still not taller than me.  I think I got a good year left before I have to start looking up to yell talk to her.

We had a great weekend!  Hope you did too.

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  1. I was sorry to miss the time with you guys! Maybe next year...


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