Monday, November 29, 2010

Yes...we are still here:)

Since Aubrey's hospital stay(two weeks ago) we have:
Sold a home
Bought a home
Went on a short trip to Minnesota (me, ella and aubrey)
Moved from one house to another
Celebrated Thanksgiving with family
Unpacked 1/3 of the boxes
You could say we have been busy...but that might be and understatement this time:)

Finally found the cord for the camera this morning so I downloaded the 533 pictures that have been on the camera for two weeks and am sorting through them.  Lots of updates coming!

Just wanted you to know we are still here...healthy...and catching up on everything...including our blog.


  1. I guess you will need to email me your new address then :) Good thing I haven't filled out my Christmas card envelopes yet. I can't believe all that you accomplished in just two weeks. Love this picture of Aubrey working so hard at her writing!!

  2. Congrats on the move! Glad to see Aubrey is doing well. Looks like she is concentrating hard!


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