Monday, November 8, 2010

Time Change Troubles

The time change, coupled with the fact that she has been sick, have messed up some sleeping habits at the Smith house...really just Aubrey.  I'm sure many are feeling our pain!  I will say that she hasn't gotten UP any earlier in the morning, which is a blessing, but this is what Aubrey does, while she should be sleeping at night and can't because she has taken two naps or a late 4 hour nap or gets a second wind because someone thought that at 2 she should be big enough to partake in Halloween candy eating after dinner!  (You decide:)


  1. What a cute little mischievous face!

  2. That first picture is just precious! Could she BE any cuter?! Can't wait to kiss those sweet cheeks!

  3. okay, I need help with my blog- i love the plain white background, but i cannot find a way to have that AND the sidebar like you do...what template did you use??
    and those pics of aubrey are THE CUTEST EVER!!!!


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