Friday, November 12, 2010

A Promise...

He promised (baring anything crazy) he would only keep us ONE MORE NIGHT!

They are still concerned about her fluid intake.  Which at 5oz today is pretty good concidering she is on an iv that is giving her fluids as well.  She is typically an 8-12oz girl most days.

He also wants one more blood draw.  Aubrey's M.O. is to do things very slow and her white blood count was up yesterday afternoon, but not a lot and he just wants to see where that is and make sure that she is still on the rise and progressing and not just fooling us with all this hospital attention.

She is sleeping wonderfully right now and her stats look great...she's been completely off the oxygen all day.  He is going to ween her off the iv as much as he can with out loosing her iv sight...just in case and move all her meds to oral (they have mostly been iv).

He said he would write orders for us to go home in the morning as soon as all the labs were drawn and he saw them...HE PROMISED...and I told Aubrey that she would behave appropriately, or Daddy would be staying tomorrow:)

I know that she has this history and her own way of doing everything, but we caught it early and she is a whole year older and I think that should count for something...but maybe with a good track record this time, he will be less cautious with her next time and have a little more faith in her healing and our ability to do all this stuff at home...OR maybe there won't be a next time and we can prevent it all this winter:)

She was pretty much back to herself today and that means that she didn't want to sit nicely on my lap or in her crib.  She wanted the freedom to run around and play...a great sign.

(I jinxed myself by packing up our stuff this afternoon--but I"m only pulling out my jammies and toothbrush--the rest is staying packed!)


  1. Fingers crossed that the Doc makes good on his promise!! Glad to hear that Aubrey is bouncing back to her old self......on her own time of course=)

  2. Good news! So glad she's feeling more like herself. Sounds like you'll be home in no time!

  3. I am still praying for that little sweetie bug!

  4. Come on Aubrey.....let's drink so you and mommy can go home. Be a good girl tonight and don't do anything crazy. You are both doing great!!


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