Wednesday, November 10, 2010


NO PNEMONIA!!! The doctor was just in and said that her x-ray looked fine and they ruled that out and took her off one antibiotic that they had started as a precaution. He left her on another because her white blood count was low. He assumes that as she feels better it will go up...and they will double check it before they discharge her.
She is slowly starting to eat...she had chocolate ice cream for dinner last night, crackers at 4 this morning...and a yogurt for breakfast. So they decreased her fluids and have also backed off the oxygen. She is barely on anything, but we are hoping to have her off it tonight so that we can go home in the's the only thing keeping us here. As with the past, Aubrey doesn't follow any rules of anyone else, so we are cautiously optomistic.
Another option would be to go home with oxygen and a pulse oxy meter again. We have been there done it before and would rather be home together with all that, than separated just for oxygen use.
A few pictures from yesterday and today...
She fell asleep in the chair at 9:30am yesterday while I was calling the doctor...
Ella was with us all day yesterday and was highly entertaining for all the nurses:)  I did finally get them to rest a bit with some baby signing time video!  (yes, I grabbed a few things before heading out the door yesterday!  My theory was that if I packed a bag for us...we wouldn't need it...but we did and I'm so glad that I had the dvd player and video and jammies)
At 4am this morning she was feeling much better and thought that we should ALL be awake and read books and play and talk and eat!
Just checking my stats Mom!  (Isn't it great that she can reach all her monitors and ivs from her bed--but I let her walk around in the crib since she can't really go very far on the floor because of cords--she would REALLY love a walk down the hall)
Aubrey thinks that her changing pad makes for a very good seat to watch cartoons on!


  1. Oh no!! I have been out of the loop for a little while and I am trying to catch up on all my blog readings.....sorry to hear that Aubrey found herself in the hospital, but happy to hear that she does NOT have pneumonia=) I hope she bounces back to her old self soon!!

    I just LOVE the pic of her sleeping in the chair.....she is so SWEET=)

  2. So glad to hear that things look good. Have I mentioned that I am jealous of the pigtails. On the one hand I miss Ella's longer hair that I would do things with but on the other hand, it has been kind of nice not to have to do her hair lately. Aubrey looks so cute hanging out in her crib. She reminds me of Ella with her IV pole. Ella will push buttons and mess with things constantly....ughh!! Hope you are home soon. Oh, and I am shocked at how well she leaves the oxygen cannula in. She must me used to it!!

  3. Sweet Aubrey, you are absolutely darling! I am glad to hear that it is not pneumonia! Hope she makes a speedy recovery so you can go home.

  4. Oh, you guys! I was really hoping that you'd make it through the winter this year! Hopefully she'll figure out that it's not all it's cracked up to be and give her incentive to stay out from here on forward! Hope you find yourselves home soon. SOON. Sending love from Denver!!!

  5. How can a baby look so cute when she's sick??? Lots of prayers from the Rice's for Aubrey! ox

  6. Aubrey is so precious sleeping in the chair. I just love that picture! Praying that she can come home today!


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