Friday, November 12, 2010

How we are doing...

...since we are here an extra day or more...

OK...I'd say!  We decided that it was time to order some dessert last night and MOMMY got to have some chocolate cake...Aubrey had baked potato...because of all the things on our trays to choose from, THAT is what she wanted to eat!

Her appetite seems to be back...or maybe it is the choices that I am finally giving her.  At this point, I don't care what she eats or drinks as long as she does and we will detox at home!

She was over the moon yesterday when I let her have a hotdog and french fries!

Aubrey finally got to have a sponge bath last night and was at least looking much better than she had been.

Wednesday night, she slept almost 12 except for being woken up to do the vest treatments.  Yesterday she had a 2 hour nap in the morning (9-11) and then was back down for another 2.5 (1:30-4) hour nap in the afternoon.  She was sleeping so deeply in the afternoon that we had to give her oxygen and she wan't even stirring when we did vitals and others were talking in the room.  This is highly unlike her and I was very concerned.  I asked the nurse to call the doctor and order the blood work for last night to maybe see what was going on.  She was ready for bed at 6, but I kept her up a little to skyp with Daddy and sisters, but then she slept 12 straight hours last night.  The Respiratory Therapist skipped the vest to let her sleep and just did CPT by tapping her back and she barely stirred all night, but they did put the oxygen back on her before bed, but just really low.

We are awaiting the doctor now, for official blood work results, but the nurse told me that everything looked ok.  Tamiflu has a cumulative affect of dizziness and drowsiness and so they think THAT is catching up with her and making her so sleepy...but we wait and still hope...but have made plans to continue being here.

This morning they took her off the oxygen again and even let me unhook all but the iv so that she could get down and walk a bit.  She is very wobbly and just kept going over to the door wanting to go out and play...I don't blame her:(  So I let her play by the window and that seemed to be a good compromise.

(For those wondering--she isn't hooked up to oxygen, but I didn't want to have to keep putting the canular on and off, so I just popped it up on her nose for now)

She is napping again now...and we are just waiting to see what the doctor has to say today.



  1. What an adorable little patient! Love the french fry pictures! But time, go for the cake!!! LOL

  2. Was checking the latest with hopes of you heading home. But, hey, if you gotta stay, might as well have chocolate cake!

  3. She is so adorable. What a trouper Aubrey is (...and mom, dad, and sisters too). She looks so great. I hope and pray she continues to heal so you can all go home soon.

    Are you still closing on Monday? I know you recently posting the answer to this, but "how on earth do you do this girl?!?"

    Prayers and hugs for you all!!


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