Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Potty Mouth:(

Today the words "POTTY MOUTH" took on a whole new meaning for Miss Aubrey...

There is no picture...for obvious reasons (I couldn't be bothered to grab it when there was more important things at hand).

Ella went potty (just pee)...left the lid up...forgot to flush...

Found Aubrey soaking wet...head to toe...as she exited the same bathroom...

Enough said...bath time at 2pm...on the double!


  1. Yuck!!!! Makes me happier than ever that my other kids are old enough to remember to ALWAYS close the bathroom door!! By the way, so glad you guys are home!!

  2. My jaw is on the floor just imagining what I have to look forward to with Josie! Just think - you'll be laughing about this someday (or so they say!)!

  3. Sounds about right =) There are strict penalties in our house for leaving the bathroom door open - Anna has had more than one mid-day bath because of this. --- Hope you got her sanitized =)


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