Tuesday, October 12, 2010

31 for 21--Day 12 with a GIVEAWAY

Many children with Ds have feeding issues...Aubrey did too.  I say did, because with A LOT of hard work, most work past their problems, and she did just that.

I wrote a lot about her first year of feeding issues last year if you were interested in going back and looking at how we got from bottle feeding, to breastfeeding and then on to solids and cup.





One year later, I can say now that I am only cutting grapes in half and not into eighths!  She is drinking from any cup provided, but much prefers to have Mommy's water bottle (that has a straw) to her own straw cup.  She eats just about anything.

Once she started eating, I really tried to give her what we had as much as possible and she loves it.  She loves, eggs (which we found out she has a sensitivity to and limit to special occasions), pickles, hummus, pasta, crackers, tuna, raw carrots, and anything that is dessert like:)  We are lucky that besides being less than excited about milk and cheese, she is a great eater now, and on par with her peers...though we are working on spoon self feeding still...but that is mostly my fault since I don't like the mess that goes with it.

Tonight we had a favorite:  Tuna Pasta Salad...a recipe from my own childhood.  So I thought that I would share it.  I usually make a double batch because it is such a favorite around here and the kids love leftovers.

1 lb. pasta (elbow works best, but anything small and fun works)
1 can of tuna (drained)
1 cup cheddar cheese (cubed)
1 cup pickles (cubed or that small)
1/2 onion chopped (I usually leave this out since I am the only one who likes it in there and I get so much grief from everyone else about it other wise--pick your battles)
Mix with mayo to taste (about 1/2 cup)

I don't measure anything anymore...I just eyeball everything...so I think this is about right.
Notice that she is so busy stuffing face that she is just holding her fork instead of using it:)  Just can't waste the time on a fork for something that you love so much.
Eating takes so much fine motor skill, like using a fork and the pincer grasp and so I am always looking for ways to keep her working at improving those fine motor skills.  The snack bags that I make in my etsy shop are a great example of that.  I've been making them for a couple years, and never dreamed that Aubrey would be able to use them for quite awhile, but she can and has been for awhile.  Earlier this year, I started making them with little ribbon tabs so that my big kids (Ella 3yrs) could open them herself and added a gusset at the bottom so they wouldn't spill all over.  Success for her and Aubrey.  Aubrey even seeks them out in the diaper bag to help herself to a snack whenever she wants!  It takes her all of about 5 seconds to open them up now...depending on how new the velcro is:)  We are so proud of her strength and determination...but just be sure the reward is worth the work, because if she finds a snack that is not what she wanted...SHE WILL LET YOU KNOW!  Kid has her favorites:)

I love how she sets it up on the floor for herself so that it stays open:)
Giveaway:  I am giving away some of my snack bags to help others with their fine motor skills and to celebrate Aubrey's accomplishment.  

There will be two winners chosen.  Each winner will receive a large and small snack bag in pattern of their choice!   These are some of my choices, but there is a lot more fabrics and bags in The Umbrella Girl Shop.
Anyone in the continental united states that reads this post can enter.  (not just people who have a child with Ds)  Just leave a comment  about which bag you like the best and you will be entered.  I like to make it easy:)  
Giveaway ends on Friday, October 15th at noon CST.  Winner will be announced sometime Friday night.

During October, I am donating 10% of all my sales to the National Down Syndrome Society, so if you haven't started thinking about Christmas gifts already, now is a great time.  I'm adding new designs and fabrics all the time...and it supports a good cause.


  1. I love reading about Aubrey! My favorite bag is the pears!

  2. How exciting! I love the one Aubrey is playing with :)

  3. I would LOVE to have one for my Ruby!!
    I think they are all super cute! I think my favorite is the apple and pear one :)

  4. We don't need an entry b/c we already have our bags, but I just wanted to say how AWESOME they are! And since this is a giveaway, maybe you can use your super secret licensed stash!

  5. Great job Aubrey! I think Lindsey would have pitched the fork and bowl off the high chair before she even realized there was food in it.
    I like the last bag shown with the swirls.

  6. Hi Rachel, these are great! The hungry caterpillar fabric is just too cute, although my big kid would go for guitars. :)

  7. How cute, I haven't ever seen anything like those! I like the green camo and the dig it ones. (fingers crossed!)

  8. I love giveaways -- My favorites are the ones w/ the apples and the flowers.

    Also - thanks for the recipe! I had never thought of putting pickles in my pasta salad before - but it was just the ingredient I was missing. I also added cherry tomatoes cut in half. =)


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