Friday, October 23, 2009

Cups...Part Two

Here are all the bottles that we tried with Aubrey, I forgot to upload for that blog.

In order, the disposable ones from the hospital, evenflo, avent, playtex vent aire and a playtex drop in bag one. Basically all the nipples were too big for her mouth except the first two, but her preference was the disposable one from the hospital, which we kept washing and washing and washing:) It is a 2oz bottle and it was rare that we needed more than one!

So cups...
After we had gotten the hang of oatmeal and had moved on to some fruits and veggies, our speech therapist suggested that we start on cups. They would really like her to use a straw cup. Think about how many facial muscles you use when you drink a shake through a think about what you use to drink out of a regular cup...You use far more muscles with a straw, thus the encouragement to get her to use a straw cup versus training her to use a cup.

So here is the line up...though it feels like we have tried more:)
Avent, the Honey Bear, Nuby sippy like, Nuby straw like, and the nosey cup. We actually use all of them, not with a lot of success, but they all work in their own way. I have tried juice, whole milk, soy milk, chocolate milk, thinned applesauce and yogurt smoothies. She actually does the best with just plain water. Thanks to those who have provided suggestions on what to put in for her.

The avent, we use without the vent, since she can't suck it out, but at it has handles for her to use and if I help her, we can tip it for a quick sip and she does ok.

The hard to find "Honey Bear Cup". We've had this for 6 months and had no success at first. I put it in the cupboard and every once in awhile take it out and give it a try. This last week, I think she was close, but it seems like the straw is still too big around for her, so I am experimenting with smaller, juice box size straws, since I feel like she is close to getting it, we just aren't providing her with the size that would give her success...if that makes sense at all:)

The Nuby cup--part one. I like this one since it has handles again and it is a very soft top. She actually bites it to get the water, but is doing well with this and we use this one the most for her since she actually is having some success. I put it by her when she is eating and she will grab it when she wants a drink. She will hold a handle with one hand and I grab the other and tip it for her. But biting is not the desired outcome, so I have been really trying to use other cups at least once a day too.

Since we had success with the other Nuby, we moved on to the straw like one a couple months ago with not much success. I have tried it and she really does have to suck it like a straw to get anything, which frustrated her at first. The top seems long for her. If it were just a little shorter, I think she would have it. I did seem oatmeal backwash the other day, so she is really trying and seems so close.

I posted the nosey cup pictures of her yesterday. I don't use it often since it doesn't really achieve what they want, but it is nice to have it sometimes, so that I can see how she is drinking and the edge of the cup doesn't get in the way of her little nose.

All the experimenting can be exhasting. It is also hard to feel like she is so close to some success, but that we just can't find exactly what she needs to have success. If anyone has any suggestions, we are always willing to try new things. Sometimes I wonder if all the trial and error is more confusing to her than just sticking with one thing until we get success.

Anyway...part of me isn't sad though, because she is still nursing like a champ and that is great for her muscles...oh and bonding too:). I just have to keep in mind that straws are the next step and keep with it.

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  1. Oh boy, I remember those days and don't miss them at all. I swear we went through 100 bottles with Declan. His oversized tongue made life really difficult for the OT, which is part of the reason for having his G-tube surgery (he couldn't nourish himself enough orally and he kept yanking out the NG tube, the stinker). LOL.



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