Tuesday, October 27, 2009


From reading other blogs around the country, I have come to appreciate the system that we are blessed with here in North Dallas. I would have thought that most systems were the same, but I guess not. It might also have to do with need for services in the area. Maybe we aren't in a very needy county. Anyway...We got services really quickly after she was born and have never had to wait for services. Kind of a magic wand "You want speech...how soon can we send her out to you!" We have been very blessed.

The beginning...When Aubrey was born a social worker came to see us and let us know that because Aubrey had the Down syndrome diagnosis, she would be sending our information to our ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) who would help with therapy etc. It was so helpful to not have to really think at that point and to just have someone taking care of it for us. I think that Aubrey was only three weeks old when they came out for her initial visit, to see if she "qualified" (which she did because of the Ds) but it was a formality and to see if we were interested in services through them, which we did:)

That first meeting was with our service coordinator, Jessie and an Occupational Therapist, Nicole and a Developmental Therapist, Liz. This was to be OUR team. I say OUR because they aren't really just here for Aubrey, they are here for me and Woody too. They teach US what we are supposed to be doing with and for Aubrey between visits. They are OUR sounding boards when we have questions or concerns.

At the meeting, it was decided that she would also need a speech therapist. Melissa was brought on board. Speech therapists deal with all things oral, so she came to help us with Aubrey's feedings. A reminder that all Aubrey did for her first four months was sleep, so getting her to eat efficiently and gain weight, while sleeping, was tricky!

About a month into services, we also added a nutritionist, Suzanne. She helped us make informed decisions along with our doctors about WHAT to give Aubrey to help her gain weight and grow big and strong.

They do a review at 6 months to make sure that services are going well and to reevaluate frequency and to set goals for the coming 6 months. And once a year, they do "testing" and plot her on the charts and then decided about frequency and goals for the next 6 months.

Here is the run down of when they came:

First 6 months:
OT=every other month
DT= 1x a month
ST=2x a month
N= 2x a month

6 months to 1 year:
OT=1x a month
DT=1x a month
ST=2x a month
N=1x a month

1 year to 18 months:
OT=2x a month
DT=2x a month
ST=2x a month
N=1x a month

More details to come this week...

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