Friday, October 9, 2009

Play Time

I think that one of the best things for Aubrey is playing with her big sisters! She may be small, but she is finally big enough to play with and enjoy. She really looks up to them and quietly takes it all in! Sometimes you can even see the wheels turning as she watches them and is catching on to what they are doing:)

Her and Ella (3) are best friends and they each look for the other first thing in the morning. I love to see them together. Aubrey loves to hug and kiss Ella and Ella loves to squeeze her!


  1. Adorable!! I came across your blog and couldn't help but notice that we have the same name (not that Rachel Smith is particularly unique)...I still thought it was cool. I am excited to see more pictures of your little angel!

  2. Your little guy is beautiful too, and ironic that our children were both born in September of 08.


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