Saturday, October 17, 2009

We are more alike than different...

One of the things that I love about my 3 older girls is they see Aubrey...their little sister...a member of our family...a baby. When Aubrey was born, we told them that she had Down syndrome and we read a book called "We will paint the octopus red".
We explained that she would learn in different ways and need extra help, but that she would be able to do all kinds of things, just like them. That was the last time we really talked about it. It apparently is no big deal to them:) She is simply their little sister and they love her. Some day this may change as they become more aware of her differences, but for now, I will cherish the beauty that the eyes of children have.

When she was born and her diagnosis was confirmed, I was sad. I was sad, because I had dreamed of what my little girl was going to be like and what she would do. She would be over 7lbs, she would be bald and have just a little bit of peach fuzz for the next 2 years! She would crawl around 8 months, she would walk around 1 and life would be simple. She would go to school, and learn to drive a car and play sports and go to college and move out and fall in love and get married and have grandbabies!!! We all dream of these things for our children, and I was sad, because I didn't know what things on those lists she would be able to accomplish. I had to mourn the dream that had died...and then what I was left with was this beautiful little girl that was so full of possibilities and surprises.

Some days, I feel like it is Christmas! Around every corner, she has a new trick or surprise for us and we are enjoying her so much more without the guide map that I had laid out for her. She holds the pencil for the map and we just have to wait and see what life holds for her.

As we have been educating ourselves this past year, I realized that yes she will be able to do most of things that I had dreamed she would...just not in the same way or time frame. She will learn to crawl and walk and she'll go to school and make friends. She may even drive a car (I found someone who did!) and get married etc. She is more like my other children than she is different.

I've seen this clip on several other websites, but thought that those who follow my blog and aren't as big a part of the Down syndrome community would enjoy it. It comes from the National Down Syndrome Congress Center website.

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  1. It feels like Christmas over here, too. My Brennan is such a joy. Sounds like our older 3 are really close in age too (mine are almost 7, 5, and 3). It's a busy house for sure - but so much fun!


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