Sunday, October 25, 2009

Germaphobic...Need I say More:)

The sign on her carseat says it all doesn't it! (Please wash your hands before touching mine)

So it is once again cold and flu season and I really thought that this year might be different...(sigh).

Last year, because Aubrey was so small (5lbs) and had her heart condition (complete AV Canal) we qualified for the synagis shots to help protect her from RSV. We did that monthly from October thru March. We washed hands constantly. We sanitized everything that might come near Aubrey. There was to be NO kissing Aubrey on the mouth or hands...pretty much hands off if at all possible. We let very few people hold her and stayed home as much as possible. All her therapist came early in the morning so that they wouldn't pick up germs all day and then drop them off at our house later in the day. I was paranoid. They said that any cold/flu would likely land her in the hospital and it could be bad.

So, we come to this year...

She qualifies for the shots again this year, so we went in last week for the first dose of the year. She has had a little cold, and the doctor could hear some wheezing, so we are back to the nebulizer again. While we were there, I asked how paranoid should I be this year. She said, "The same as last year". Me, "even though she had her heart fixed?" Her, "yes, but this year you have the swine flu too!" Me, "wonderful, I love living in a sterile world"!

So we are back to being constant hand washing, even if it is for no reason at all except that we are walking by a bathroom and it has been awhile. There is NO kissing on the hands and mouth of Aubrey. I'm not sure about closing ourselves into the house this year, but will be protecting my little ones and their health with my life. Honestly, it seems like a lot of work to keep everyone healthy, but I think about the alternative of having to manage my family and a baby in the hospital again and THAT I just can't deal with. THAT I don't have time for this year:)

So, stay healthy and have a wonderful week!


  1. No smooches for Aubrey? :( Awww, you'll have to save them up and shower her with them in the spring. :)

  2. I think we are peas in a little plastic bubble pod. :0)

    We got the screens that go over car seats to keep bugs off and put it over her car seat whenever we're out and about. That seems to be a handy "don't touch the kid" device as well.

    Cracking open yet another bottle of Purell in Aubrey's honor...


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