Friday, October 16, 2009


So every month Aubrey has a nutritionist come as part of her services with ECI. (Early Childhood Intervention) She tracks her height, weight, head measurement, and also what she is eating and what we should be working towards, as well as any problems.

I am happy to report that after 13 months...she is finally on the charts! For those who are new to our site, yes we are using the Ds height and weight charts. After about 9 months, they gave up on measuring her on the chart and concentrated more on whether she was proportional with height and weight, and she always has been, and whether she was staying on a curve of growth. The last two months though she has done more weight gain and less height gain, which put her in the 10% for both.

She is now 13lbs 15oz (a 10oz gain)
She is now 25.5 inches (a .5 inch gain)
Can't remember head right now, but also proportional and on the charts.

She has had some past trouble with any dairy products, so we are going to keep up with trying bits here and there. She seems fine when it is in something, but has mild reactions when it is served alone (example, some cheese=vomiting). We are also going to try vanilla soy milk to encourage drinking out of a straw. She is also having troubles with bowel movements being firm and hard to pass, so the soy should help and we are going to be very limiting with dairy. She also suggested that we do more pears. I will put pear chunks in her oatmeal and mix it with pear juice instead of water.

I will be writing more on feeding this weekend or next week. Sometimes I feel like a scientist with all the trials and experiments that go along with feeding Aubrey:)

Also, she has her first cold of the season and she is absolutely miserable. Not even interested in opening her Halloween presents from Gramma and Grandad. And she loves tissue paper. Will keep you updated on her cold. Although the napping will give me more time to work on my 4 fairy costumes!


  1. That picture is SO cute!! Glad to hear that Aubrey is doing well with her weight. I hope she feels better soon, poor little one:(

    Oh - we use Milk of Magnesia to help with Dylan' 2s. :)

  2. we use flax seed oil and mix with food for the number 2s. It doesn't strip the nutrients like mineral oil. Works quickly, usually within an hour. We are one soy silk milk with DHA added.

  3. I use Omega 3 oil for the poos :-) She is too cute in that outfit. Three cheers for weight gain!

  4. What a sweet little peanut!! I am in love with that hair!

  5. Hi! I just found your blog through Bridget's Light and wanted to say "congratulation!" on your sweet little girl...from one mom of four to another!


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