Monday, October 11, 2010

Your Typical Two Year Old

Aubrey is your typical two year old in so many more ways than you think.  We know she is behind in areas, but when you look really close, she is more like her peers than one might think....and sometimes we have to remind ourselves to look past the Down syndrome and all that comes with it and just look at the beautiful little girl that we have been given and see that she is doing everything she should be.

She has a "vocabulary" of almost 80 words!  Signing counts on all the tests and she really does know them and is starting to use them and put two or more signs together to tell us what she wants!

She loves music and dancing and laughing and parks and walks...and dolls!

Sure, her Bitty Baby is almost as big as her...
and heavy...
but Aubrey "loves" her just the same and as gently as she can, hugs her and feeds her and burps her and tucks her into her bed.  Covers her up with her blanket and everything.
And tries to hand her off when she gets to be too much...

And when baby won't behave...she chokes disciplines the baby:)

Just like all the other typical two year old girls out there!


  1. I LOVE little girls with their dollies! NOT that I was one that actually played with them, but ya know. Piper has a teeny tiny one- about 6" tall. It fits her well- she can hug and kiss on her and crawl around the house with her. Until she gets tired, and uses the poor thing's head as a drumstick against various surfaces around the house. We're still working on the "gentle with babies" business- looks like you've got it down pat! She's ready to be a big sis! :)

  2. sooo cute!! that bity baby is almost as big as her! miss maggie is now kissing her is so cute!

  3. Aww, there is nothing sweeter then a little girl playing with a baby doll. She is just precious and I am so impressed with her words!


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